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Education plays a major role in the prevention of Non Communicable Diseases


Shout Tutoring Program

Shout! Improves Education To Improve Health Care
      As part of the “Shout Improves Education to Improve Health Care Program”; Shout is launching the “Shout! Free Tutoring Program”, designed for children in low income countries. It is Shout Free Tutoring Program – Targeted towards Elementary School (public) Children in developing countries (Pre K – 12 Grade Equivalent). The focus is to improve their math and reading skills. Sponsor a group of four children

Become a Tutor

  • To become a volunteer tutor or an intern – Send an e mail with your resume to info@shouthealth.com; info@shoutglobalhealth.org
  • Please note that we conduct background checks for all tutors.
  • This is presently a volunteer and diamond sauce unpaid internship position

Enroll your child

Fill out application form  or apply for tutoring here