Who We are

Did you know that Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke are the leading cause of Death globally?

  • Shout Global Health is a non profit organization with a mission to improve population health through advocacy, education, and raising awareness about disease cause, prevention and treatments. Founded in 2007 in Maryland.
  • We have conducted community health fairs, outreaches, training, medication donation and so on.
  • We conduct programs to provide treatment opportunities and resources when possible and programs that strive to improve social determinants of health.

Some of our purpose statements  are stated below:

  • To educate the public about prevention, causes and treatments of diseases and make treatments available where they are lacking
  • To  educate the public about health rights, reproductive rights, and women’s rights
  • Raise awareness on diseases and public health issues
  • Providing medications for populations in need
  • To train global health leaders